Using the JMDWiki Editor

Putting a lot of features into an online editor can make using it a bit daunting at first. Although we've tried to keep the JMDWiki editor very user-friendly, a guide to using something to it's full potential can never hurt. We'll start with the basics and work our way up to some more complex functionality.
Note: The tutorial for adding pictures to a document has it's own page.

1. The Basics

First off, to keep things simple, we'll be referring to the JMDWiki document editor as simple "the editor" in places throughout this tutorial. The editor is actually a separate piece of software designed right here at developIT, and comes pre-packaged with many of our products where advanced document editing is required. The concepts covered in this tutorial apply to any of our products that include a document editor, including our Notes app for amoebaOS, JMDWiki 2, and SimpleQuick 2.

This documentation is still being compiled from various help files located on Please check back later, we update very often (we're using JMDWiki too!).

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