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JMDWiki 4.8 Released as Free Update

JMDWiki 4.8 has just been released as a free update to all users of the CMS. Access the auto-update tool for your website by clicking on the "Updates" menu item when you have signed in to the control panel.

This update is actually a complete "minor version", but we felt it should be free for users. You won't find any difference in the way website works or in the Control Panel, but you can feel happy knowing that JMDWiki 4.8 includes built-in support for plug-ins! Some users had asked if JMDWiki supported plug-ins in the past, and had very good reasons for wanting such a feature to be provided. Developers can now integrate 3rd party applications into JMDWiki, and in most cases doing so requires very little coding. Also included in this update are several bug-fixes for the file manager, particularly relating to file uploads.

Any developers interested in providing plug-ins should contact us for information on the API and upcoming Plug-in Market, which will be fully integrated into JMDWiki and Groundwork (our next-gen CMS, april release date).

Important Update for JMDWiki

We have just released an update for JMDWiki that fixes a known issue related to Google Chrome. When accessing a JMDWiki powered website through certain versions of Chrome, pages were being served without CSS or JavaScript due to a slight difference in compatibility between Chrome and it's open-source base Webkit.

The update released fixes the issue above, and Chrome is now fully supported by our Content Management System. To install it, log in to your website's Control Panel and click "Updates" from the main menu. Follow the steps to make sure your JMDWiki installation is the latest available version.

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