CandyAppable Development Update

We'll be the first to admit, CandyAppable has had a veil of secrecy going on since it was conceived. Let's shed some light on what it is.

CandyAppable is, first and foremost, a JavaScript application framework. It is a free library that provides User Interface controls for websites.

Digging a little deeper, CandyAppable was split from one of our other libraries, because we wanted to use web application UI controls when developing "normal" websites. Because we pulled all of this functionality out of our web application library, using CandyAppable gives you a number of features without any extra effort. For example, lists create with CandyAppable are automatically reorder-able using drag & drop.

One of the reasons we decided to create CandyAppable is because many of today's cross-browser DOM abstraction libraries still require you to have a detailed knowledge of the DOM. Since CandyAppable abstracts this completely, you can code an interface without knowing how to manipulate the DOM at all.

We hope you are as excited as we are about this new library.

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