amoebaOS is Finally Here.

What turned out to be our most daring endeavor to date, amoebaOS is a full (we do mean full!) Operating System that runs in your web browser. We began development on a secret new Online Operating System in December of 2007, and hit a milestone release with a pre-public version called Cellnotes Business, which is being made available to the general public in the coming weeks for development purposes. After receiving input from various people about the length and meaning of our working name "Cellnotes Business", the decision was made to change the name to something more fitting. amoebaOS was born out of the simple idea that Online Operating Systems should be completely independent. This concept flows through the core utilities included with the OS, like our advanced Developer Center, which is slightly reminiscent of Visual Basic. We've done our best to load amoebaOS up with great software, but it's far from finished - anyone can create applications for amoebaOS, just like a conventional Operating System. This added functionality makes amoebaOS extremely different from any other Online Operating System, and gives it scalability and flexibility.

Businesses, imagine sitting down at your computer and working on a document using your new amoebaOS account. Now imagine you are suddenly whisked away to another continent. No problem! If you have internet access, your document is instantly available for editing - no memory sticks, no portable hard drives, no hassles.

Individuals can also benefit from using amoebaOS. Think about what you typically do on your computer during a given day. Check your email, browse your colleague's recently updated Facebook profile, relax while looking at your pictures from last weekend, play a quick game of solitaire or a unique FPS, check your email again... Well, you can do all of those things on amoebaOS, and a lot faster too.

If you're using a Windows or Linux computer, pressing the F11 key will put amoebaOS in full screen mode so you can forget about the clutter underneath. If you are using a Mac, you'll want to use Opera, Fluid, Plainview or Safari+Saft to open amoebaOS - as of this writing these are the only web browsers that support full screen on OS X. We're working on a way to fix this, but for now that is the only way.

You should never have more than a few windows open (not minimized) at a time for your own good health, but for the sake of a preview here is a mix of some of the best applications:

The application in the lower right-hand corner is a called Exstream Media Center, and it's a fantastic media player with a streamlined full screen mode and simplistic navigation. Mail is on the lower left - it does what the name implies, it is a solid email client. The application sitting at top left is the largest application currently available for amoebaOS - a word processor called Notes. Notes is a port of our own Editor.js to the amoebaOS platform. It is fast, reliable and has some great features - like how ".note" files can be viewed natively in any web browser without plug-ins or downloads.

So there you have it,

...Oh, and free accounts will be available starting soon.

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