Our Websites

Along with creating solutions for our clients, developIT produces its own websites in-house. Some of our internal projects are listed below - follow the links to find out more about each project.
  • amoebaOS
    • An advanced Operating System that runs entirely in your web browser
    • Registration is currently frozen due to intensive "core application" development.
    • Our web server management suite Server Front will be based on the amoebaOS system.
    • Find out more about it: amoebaOS Information
    • Load amoebaOS
  • Jason Miller Design
    • A company blog, amongst other things, including articles on web development, design and tricks
    • JasonMillerDesign.com
  • Shutterborg
    • Free online word processor.
    • Created for both HTML editing and as a replacement for desktop word processors
    • Easy to use, thanks to a minimalistic interface
    • shutterb.org
    • News and information can be found at the Shutterborg Blog
  • Super Dial
    • Initiated as a personal project, Super Dial specifically aims to be the perfect Home page for your web browser
    • Assign a link and a picture for each of up to 9 "dialpad" buttons, giving quick access to commonly visited sites
    • SuperDial.org
  • Server Front
    • An alternative to commonly used web server management packages, Server Front is a hosted server management interface based on amoebaOS.
    • Provides a desktop interface to any PHP-enabled web server
    • serverfront.org (soon!)

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