Serverfront Web Development OS

Serverfront (although not yet available to the public) is a drop-in web-based GUI for PHP enabled web servers. Once you've tried Server-Front, you will find yourself using it for all of your web development needs. Serverfront acts like a secondary Operating System, using the web server's filesystem. The primary advantage of using Serverfront in place of other well known server management utilities is Server-Front's application protocol. Anyone with a good knowledge of Object-Oriented JavaScript can develop applications to run natively on Serverfront OS, which means there's never a function you simple cannot perform using only a web browser. Some of the bundled applications include:
  • SurfsUp Browser - A clean and efficient web browser
  • Terminal - A native terminal emulator
  • Files - Serverfront's default file browser
  • Mail - A simple, yet elegant email client
  • Notes - A fast, simple word processor with all the standard features and more.
  • Dynabolical DNS - Simple domain name management utility
  • Theme Manager - Instantly change the entire feel of Serverfront, includes themes to replicate Macintosh operating systems, Windows XP and Vista, and various Linux distributions.
  • WebEdit - A simple WYCIWYG HTML editor.
  • Stickies - Keep notes and reminders
  • FTP Drive - A fast FTP client
  • TextEditor - Advanced text editing, tabbed editing environment, and integrated support for developing Serverfront applications
  • Serverfront Developer Center - The fastest and easiest way to develop your own application for Serverfront OS, Developer Center tries to bring some of the features of Microsoft Visual Studio to the Serverfront platform.

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