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Typically, employers using on-line application systems prefer that prospective employees submit their resume in PDF format. For older on-line systems, there is still a lack of support for common file formats like PDF, and HTML resumes are often required. The majority of skilled professionals have little or no experience in writing clean (x)HTML and CSS, so this can be a daunting task. Many individuals find that popular word processors like Microsoft Word and can actually export their resume to an HTML document, but are confused when the document will not upload, or is not readable when printed.

It is in situations like these that professionals turn to developIT for their HTML resume creation and maintenance. With such a variety of solutions, ranging from one-time HTML resume conversion to more advanced on-line portfolio creation, developIT helps people accurately portray their skills in the most accepted format for the web. If you are seeking to give your resume a facelift, or if you require an HTML resume in a hurry, developIT has the experience and expertise to swing internet technology in favour of your hiring. Since we don't offer pre-formulated packages for on-line resume development, but below are some examples of services developIT can provide:

  • One-time HTML resume creation from any resume file
  • On-line portfolio creation (a small website which portraying your skills)
  • HTML resume editing service (you edit your new HTML resume using our web-based software)
  • Jobmine-compatible enhanced resume creation (special effects and images can actually be included in your Jobmine resume!)
  • Complete personal website development, including a Blog, Photo gallery, and resume viewer

Contact us with your personal needs and we will create a perfect solution based on your requirements. Our base prices start as low as $19.00!

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