Welcome to developIT.

We create top quality web sites, web applications and custom widgets for fantastic clients.

We also offer a number of great products to help you create, maintain and update effective websites.

developIT ensures our customers enjoy the absolute best quality, usability, and support available.

A Little About Us

developIT is a privately-owned small business based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Owner Jason Miller is a former student of the University of Waterloo, has spent several years coding in PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, XHTML, and CSS and formally initiated the business in 2008. developIT was born out of his second work term, after completing several websites contracts under the name Jason Miller Design. developIT strives on innovation and usability; from creating the first JavaScript & CSS website dock, to upgrading existing websites and creating user-friendly Content Management Systems. SEO (search engine optimization), custom online web server management tools, and Windows & Linux web server setup are also specialties of developIT.

Product Overview

  • JMDWiki - JMDWiki is an easy to use Website Management System. We stress that our customers fully understand the difference between our system and other commercially Content Management Systems.
  • mDock - Our featured-packed JavaScript & CSS Website Dock that can be used as a menu, or integrated into visually appealing Rich Internet Applications.
  • amoebaOS - amoebaOS is an advanced Operating System that runs entirely within your web browser, with no plug-ins or downloads (not even Adobe Flash). Find out more information about amoebaOS at

Featured Website: Jason Miller Design

Jason Miller Design is a project site of developIT that features free resources for web developers and first-time Linux users. In addition to offering tutorials and forums, Jason Miller Design is a blog about technology and web development.