Our Clients' Websites

developIT Canada specializes in creating tailored solutions for clients seeking to create usable websites. Our most popular product, JMDWiki2, has been used to create many of the websites listed below:

  • The Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Association of Canada
    • Created a complete website to eliminate the need for FTP and MS Word/Publisher
    • Based on our JMDWiki2 Website Management System
    • Additional JMDWiki2 Add-ons & Plugins:
      • Upgraded Photo Gallery
      • Custom "Members Index" (database and interface)
    • One-on-one training to help migrate the association from an outdated Microsoft-based system
    • www.CMAAC.ca
  • A5Data Corporation
    • Created multiple websites under contract, including but not limited to:
      • NetYellow.ca - An on-line Business-to-Business (B2B) directory offering access to a database of over 1,609,000 Canadian businesses.
      • ManuData.com - Updated an existing Business Search System to enhance user-experience, correct known bugs and issues, and make the entire website faster and theme-based.
      • TushProductions.com - Created an on-line presence for a local artist, working with the client to produce the desired look and feature set. The website was created using our SimpleQuick. Please note: TushProductions no longer maintains the original website created by developIT.
      • A5Data.com - The corporate website of A5Data Corporation, A5Data.com was converted to a SimpleQuick system. A theme was created to match to the company's identity from print materials, and the website was heavily Search Engine Optimized.
    • Providing continued technical support for the company's websites, including any required security updates and bug fixes.
    • Offered on-site consulting for the duration of the contract
  • Laura Sloboda, BaSC Candidate, University of Waterloo
    • Created a website using our JMDWiki2 Website Management System
    • Created a custom JMDWiki2 theme from client "mock-up" images
    • LauraSloboda.com
We retain a 100% client satisfaction record.
All support requests are handled directly and in a timely manner.

Our Websites

Along with creating solutions for our clients, developIT produces its own websites in-house. Some of our internal projects are listed below - follow the links to find out more about each project.
  • amoebaOS
    • An advanced Operating System that runs entirely in your web browser
    • Registration is currently frozen due to intensive "core application" development.
    • Our web server management suite Server Front will be based on the amoebaOS system.
    • Find out more about it: amoebaOS Information
    • Load amoebaOS
  • Jason Miller Design
    • A company blog, amongst other things, including articles on web development, design and tricks
    • JasonMillerDesign.com
  • Shutterborg
    • Free online word processor.
    • Created for both HTML editing and as a replacement for desktop word processors
    • Easy to use, thanks to a minimalistic interface
    • shutterb.org
    • News and information can be found at the Shutterborg Blog
  • Super Dial
    • Initiated as a personal project, Super Dial specifically aims to be the perfect Home page for your web browser
    • Assign a link and a picture for each of up to 9 "dialpad" buttons, giving quick access to commonly visited sites
    • SuperDial.org
  • Server Front
    • An alternative to commonly used web server management packages, Server Front is a hosted server management interface based on amoebaOS.
    • Provides a desktop interface to any PHP-enabled web server
    • serverfront.org (soon!)