SimpleQuick is a full website solution that can be easily put to use for your business or organization. By keeping the cost of this software so low, we've eliminated the most difficult part of creating a presence on the web. Cost of implementation for SimpleQuick vary based on the number of add-on features and themes customers require. For example, a professionally made website with a custom theme can cost less than $500. The most important part of SimpleQuick is the SimpleQuick Document Editor, which makes changing the content of your website extremely easy and painless. SimpleQuick uses fancy new technology like AJAX, and provides a solid website for people of all skill levels. You can choose to copy and paste your web pages from Microsoft Word or, or you can create them right in the SimpleQuick Document Editor. For the more advanced user, the document editor has an integrated source code editor, so you can hand-code documents, with a live preview.

When you purchase SimpleQuick, you get all of these features included:
  • Integrated visual document editor (like Word for your website)
  • CommunitY - Our "drag and drop" forum software
  • Gallery2 - A very nice photo gallery, also by developIT
  • Download Center - Post any files on your website in a few clicks
We've gone out of our way to provide more value to our wonderful customers.

Websites enjoying the ease of SimpleQuick:

If you have any questions, or wish to order SimpleQuick, please Contact developIT.

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